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المساعد الأكاديمي للخدمات الرقمية


Why work with us?


Providing digital services remotely is not a new thing, many sites and companies provide communication between customers who need these services and freelancers who are ready to provide them at a price that competes with the prices of the local market.

What distinguishes the academic assistant is that it is not managed by a company or site, but rather is a group of freelancers who manage their businesses themselves in an integrated manner, as one family,

Top quality, excellent prices (due to the absence of a middleman), and distinguished and special customer service.

If you want to directly support freelancers and get the best services and prices, then the academic assistant will be your best choice.

Creativity and excellence

Technical assistance


Swift performance

Top quality

Our business principle

We do not provide services to clients only, but we try to understand their needs and provide the best suitable services for them and within their financial capabilities.

We rely on absolute transparency in dealing with the client from the beginning, and we are always trying to reach innovative solutions that save him/her time and money.



How to request the service









After selecting the service you want from our list of various services, you can click on the "Service Request" button, in which you will find a form that you must fill out with the information that will help us provide the best service for you by knowing the time and effort required to complete the task, as well as identifying the appropriate assistant for you.






A specialist assistant will study the request and provide you with a quote within 24 hours, the offer will include: time, cost, any data or information necessary to complete the work.


After checking out the price offer, you can pay for the service by one of the methods available on the site, which are payment by PayPal service, bank transfer, international transfers or by direct pay, the prices that we offer in exchange for our services are usually suitable for everyone, But if you want to negotiate the price, it's okay to contact us!


Our services


Congratulations! the task has been completed and sent to your e-mail. You can always contact us to request any modifications, or if you have any comments or inquiries, we will listen to you and work to amend the request, the first modification is absolutely free.




Feasibility studies and financial studies

Distance education and training

Help in preparing research

Questions and inquiries

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