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We specialize in over 40 different domains

Are you looking for professional English- Arabic translation services in the UAE?

The Academic Assistant  for Translation and Proofreading services covers a wide range of documents, including translations of reports, brochures, manuals, contracts, and international websites, taking into account the nature of the domain of the prescribed document. 


Our translation services cover over 40 different domains in both languages, Arabic and English, according to the highest standards of quality and professionalism, with the support of a team of highly qualified veteran translators and language experts.

The Academic Assistant has a team of seasoned translators  backed up with experience and extralinguistic knowledge in the field and the subject matter concerned to accomplish the required task with perfection and professionalism. We always seek to continuously improve the competency of our team to maintain the required level of accuracy and creativity in the face of linguistic variables.

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7004 [Converted].png

If you need translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa, feel free to contact us any time. All you have to do is specify the domain of translation needed and the turnaround time, and we will deliver the file to you in the format you require! 

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