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Who are we ?


About the Academic Assistant


The Academic Assistant is a group of professional Arab freelancers who provide a variety of digital services for all categories, academic and commercial, whether they are individuals or companies, around the clock, at the best prices, and with high quality.

The group was established on the first of September of the year 2020 by a group of Arab freelancers, and since then we have included an increasing number of Arab designers and academics in various fields in the field of administration, work, and customer service.


What distinguishes us

Unlike competitors, we do not have an intermediary or commission between the customer and the service provider, so dealing with the assistant is direct, and we seek to build long relationships with customers by improving services, developing them with time, and allocating them to suit the changing requirements of the customer.


Our mission

We are constantly working to provide assistance in academic research services and to carry out written translation, and the group also provides distance learning services and makes feasibility studies, engineering designs, and other services that can be provided remotely. In the long term, we aim to become one of the leading E-service providers in the Arab Gulf region.


Our vision

We see ourselves as a mediator to enhance communication and cooperation, empower youth, utilize potentials and capabilities, and develop the free business market in the region in the areas of digital services in all its forms.


rate us

We always have the mission to meet the needs of our customers and in order to do this, we constantly apply a set of values ​​that fully reflect the culture of the group.

  • Excellence: We work hard every day to provide excellent services to our customers at reasonable prices

  • Commitment: We take great care of the needs of our customers and perform the required tasks as quickly as possible, and we are fully committed to doing the tasks to the fullest.

  • Integrity: We strongly believe in business ethics, and we ask assistants to follow a strict code of conduct.

  • Success: Our top priority is to help our clients achieve success thanks to our distinguished services in all fields from assistance in providing research to translation, engineering designs, and other services that the group is happy to deliver.

  • Continuous development: keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the aforementioned services.

  • Teamwork: We believe that teamwork is the most effective way to provide our customers with the best services, as we aim to gain your trust by dealing with you and providing you with the utmost reliability, and maintaining confidentiality.


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