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Graphic Design


We shape your content in a set of designs that are able to attract attention, deliver and connect your ideas to your customers and target audience in the desired image.

Graphic design fields provided by the academic assistant:


  • Trademarks

Logo design and trademarks for your company that stick the idea to the mind of the customers implemented by a highly efficient professional who is fluent in using his tools in order to attract the customer's attention to the details of the logo and its distinct colors that are appropriate for your company's activity.


  • Infographic design

Infographic designing for your company's activity is one of the most effective and attractive means of displaying information, as it transforms data and complex details into graphic diagrams that make it easy for the follower to understand and absorb without having to read a lot of words and articles.


  • Facebook Cover & profile design

The profile picture and the Facebook Cover is the first thing that the follower sees on your page, from it he gets the impression and it determines the extent of his continuity in viewing or leaving the page. We offer you to design a profile and a Facebook Cover in a modern and attractive way that indicates your activity while taking into account the measurements of the designs and their quality.

We also provide banner designs for various purposes, commercial, marketing,  advertising...etc. 


  • Business Card Design

The business card is the identity of the business owner and entrepreneur, it is essential to be stylish and elegant.

  • Brochure design

  • Demo Flyer | Sponsored by Flyer design

  • CD cover design

  • Magazine design

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