Payment options on the Academic Assistant's website


At the Academic Assistant website, we do our best to provide customers with fast, convenient and secure payment options, and we are working continuously to provide more payment options gradually.

Your request will be processed as soon as the amount of the indicated request is received in our bank account or it is received directly from one of our representatives.

Note: When completing the payment process, you should send a message to our email:

It includes the service you want, and the transfer number that you sent, and you will be contacted by our assistants within less than 12 hours.

Payment options currently available on the site:


PAYPAL service

Account name:

Payoneer service

Account name:

Bank transfer

Western Union or Al-Ansari and other service providers through the following data:
Name: mohammed km alamassi
United Arab Emirates

Bank transfer

Name: mohammed km alamassi
Bank: ADCB - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
IBAN Number: AE730030011790507810001


Questions and inquiries

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